Let Us Show You Our Wide Range Of Services

ACT Luxury Landscapes makes it easy for you to get a well-planned and well-prepared landscape with lots of features and varieties. We are a one-stop solution for your landscaping in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding area.

Custom Landscaping

We prepare landscapes as per our client’s demands. Our skill and experience about this job give us confidence in offering custom landscapes that can fulfil all your requirements. Your dream of having a unique and colourful landscape can be fulfilled only by us.

Decking And Pergolas

We have a special skill in making decks and pergolas in yards as per your needs. We have especially skilled people in our team who can build extraordinarily beautiful pergolas that can add beauty to the place. The decks and pergolas we create are durable as well so that you can use them without any tension.

Outdoor Entertaining

If you wish to have some space in the outside area of your home for your entertainment then come to us. We can create such areas in your yard and let you have parties, picnics and other kinds of entertainments as per your wish. Be it late at night or in the afternoon – the place can be used anytime.

Retaining Walls

One of the most amazing landscapes decorating features are retaining walls and we are expert in building them. If you wish to have something like that then please call us. Our experts will visit your place and help you to have the most exclusive and nicely decorated retaining walls as per your choice which will enhance the aesthetic element of your yard rightly.

Plants And Shrubs

These can be one of the most significant elements in landscaping decoration. We know how to utilize plants and shrubs to decorate your yard and give it a unique and nice look. We synchronize them in the right order at the proper place to make them one of the prime attractions of your garden area.


Do you want to have fences on your yards? Are you looking for a reliable service provider for this? ACT Luxury Landscapes can be your best choice for this. We provide professional assistance for fencing on yards irrespective of the size of the same.


We can make your landscape even greener than the existing one with the help of turf. We use the best quality products that can stay long and look as natural as you want them to be. Our experts use the latest technologies that can make the turfs stay stronger by its roots on the earth.

Synthetic Grass

We can provide you with the finest quality Synthetic Grass that can make your yard look greener and more attractive than ever. These grasses will stay beautiful in all the seasons and enhance the beauty of that area instantly.


To keep the greenness and freshness of your landscape you need to maintain it in a regular manner. Irrigation is an important part of yard maintaining and we are ready with the best technique of irrigation for any kind of landscape to keep it in its best form for a longer period.

Machine Hire

If you need to hire any landscape machine for the maintenance of your yard then come to us. We are available for machine hire as well. We have the most advanced quality landscape machines that are used by the professionals in this industry.


When it comes to decorating your landscape or giving it a fresh new look, then you cannot ignore the role of a beautiful pavement. Paving is one of the most vital aspects of landscaping and yard decoration. We are experts in this job. We can use the best materials and apply the most useful techniques to prepare your pavements and give it an exclusive appearance.


You can hire our experts as your trusted and affordable Landscaper. They have experience and skill in landscaping. Their experience gives them confidence for handling projects that may seem critical to the others. They are highly efficient and flawless in their efforts.


If you need any concrete related jobs to be done on your landscape then we can give you the best concreter as per your budget and requirements. We have trained and experienced concreter who can execute all the concrete jobs for your landscape to give it the new look as per the plan.


Since we provide decking and pergolas, we have the team of expert carpenters as well. There are lots of clients who love to have some wooden materials in their garden areas. Our carpenters can fulfil their wishes.

Googong Complaint Landscape

It is because of our vast experience regarding this subject; we are quite knowledgeable about the distinct choice and requirements of the local clients of Googong. Hence, we can make landscapes for them which will make them happy and satisfied.

Privacy Screens

If you need Privacy screens on your yard for special occasions then come to us. We can give you some excellent privacy screens with amazing designs that can optimize the aesthetic of your landscape easily and at the same time they provide you with enough privacy.

Complete Yard Transformation

Since we do anything and everything related to yards and landscaping, you can call us for complete yard transformation. We can help you to transform your old yard into a newly designed landscape within your budget.